Poster Presentation



‣ The size of a poster board will be 90cm (width) x180cm (height) as shown at right side. Posters should be displayed within this board.
‣ The poster area is located on the Meeting Venue Lobby. You will find the assigned poster numbers on the top left corner of the poster boards. The numbers on the poster boards correspond with the abstract numbers in the abstract book. Pins or tape will be supplied by the secretariat at the registration desk.
‣ Poster should be mounted on Friday, 13 May from 8:30-10:00.
‣ The posters should be displayed during the entire conference. Poster removal is permitted after 17:00.
‣ Presenters of posters are requested to be in front of their posters during the session for discussions.
Discussion time : 13:00-14:00

‣ We will give awards for poster presentations including your members.
200,000 won will be gone to winner and two of 2nd place will be received 100,000 won each. Our academic secretary will decide winners.

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