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Clinic for patients with infectious diseases or suspected cases

We open clinic for patients with infectious diseases or suspected cases in Kurume University Hospital. Also, we accept the patients with unknown fever, systemic infectious diseases and imported infectious diseases as inpatients.

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Clinic for travelers and vaccinations (Travel Vaccine)

We open travel clinic for travelers and vaccinations in Kurume University Hospital.(Q&A of vaccinations for travelers: Japanese only) [PDF: 2.3MB]

  • About short-term foerign travelers

    As shown in (Figure 1:219KB), the purpose of almost half customers in our travel clinic is long-term posted overseas and that of only 14% customers is sightseeing. However, we experienced many infectious diseases among patients after return from foreign countries, as in (Table 1:142KB). As shown in (Figure 2:208KB), the approximate 60% length of stay among these patients with infectious diseases was within 2 weeks. Therefore, even short-term foerign travelers occasionally need some kind of vaccinations. If you have any question concerning your travel, please send email ( ).

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Major contents

  1. Vaccination (Domestic, or Imported vaccine) (See references)
  2. Prescription, especially for anti-malaria agents (Mefloquine, Atovaquone-proguanil)
  3. Prescription, especially for mountain sickness (Acetazolamide)
  4. Consultation related to travel and providing information regarding infectious diseases
  5. Certificate for vaccinations
  • About Imprted vaccines

    Imported vaccines are generally accepted in international countries. About the safety, there is not a great difference with domestic approved vaccines. However, the accidental side effects and aftereffects are not guaranteed by a governmental compensation fund. If you have any questions about this matter, please ask us anything.

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Reservation is necessary to visit our travel clinic. Please contact us via email ( ) or phone (0942-31-7549). We also accept questions related to travel.

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The charge for our travel clinic is not covered by health insurance (you have to pay your own expenses). Each fee is showed as below (tax included).  

· Consultation fee : 2,800 yen
(free for second visit within 3 months)
· English certificate : 6,500 yen
(Certificate for vaccinations)
· Japanese certificate : 4,400 yen
· Vaccination (for one shot)
(You may seed some shots depending on the situation)
Rabies (Import, Verorab) 12,800 yen
Rabies (Rabipur)     12,800 yen
Tick-borne encephalitis (Import, Encepur) 12,500 yen
Cholera (Import, Oral, Dukoral) 9,600 yen
Hepatitis A (Import,Havrix) 12,900 yen
Hepatitis A 6,500 yen
Hepatitis B (Import, Engerix-B) 11,000 yen
Hepatitis B 3,900 yen
Hepatitis A/B (Import, Twinrix) 14,300 yen
Measles 4,700 yen
Rubella 4,700 yen
MR (measles and rubella) 8,600 yen
MMR (measles, rubella and mumps; Import, Priorix) 9,900 yen
Mumps 4,900 yen
Chicken pox 7,600 yen
DPT-IPV (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and polio) 10,800 yen
Tdap (Import, for adult, diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, Boostrix) 9,900 yen
DT (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus) 4,300 yen
DT (diphtheria and tetanus) 3,900 yen
Polio (Inactivated) 8,600 yen
Japanese encephalitis 5,400 yen
Polysaccharide typhoid vaccine (Import, Typhim Vi) 9,700 yen
Tetanus 1,700 yen
Meningococcal meningitis vaccine (MenQuadfi) 23,500 yen
Influenza 4,200 yen
23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine 8,100 yen
Human papillomavirus bivalent vaccine 17,200 yen
Tuberculin test 3,300 yen
Interpretation: 1,700 yen
· Yellow fever (17,600 yen)

Please bring your passport or the copy. The reservation is by phone, E-mail or WEB.

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· Prescription (each one tablet)
Mefloquine (anti-malaria agents) 1,400 yen
Atovaquone-proguanil (anti-malaria agents) for adult 800 yen
Atovaquone-proguanil (anti-malaria agents) for child 240 yen
Acetazolamide (anti-altitude sickness agents) 60 yen

・Real-time PCR against COVID-19 for business traveler
Real-time PCR fee 15,000 yen+English certificate 6,500 yen+consultation fee 2,800 yen
※ The reservation is only by phone (0942-31-7549).
The PCR fee was changed since Apr.20, 2022 (English certificate and consultation fee were not changed).

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How to visit our travel clinic

1. Go to Kurume University Hospital

2. Go to Kurume University Hospital Entrance

3. Go to registration desk (It will take approximately 30 minutes to process for new patient. Therefore, new patient should come to our hospital 30 minutes before the appointment.)

4. Go to registration desk for travel clinic of internal medicine clinic in 2th floor. (Patients will be required to measure the body temperature and write medical examination sheet. )

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Division of Infection Control and Prevention

We perform infection control in Kurume University Hospital, including consultation for infectious diseases, monitoring for nosocomial infection and education for health care workers, etc (to home page of Division of Infection Control and Prevention,Kurume University Hospital) .

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Contact us

Department of Infection Control and Prevention
Kurume University School of Medicine
Hiroshi Watanabe, M.D.
TEL: +81-942-31-7549 / FAX: +81-942-31-7697
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