Renal Immunology

 In the kidney, toxic waste products of metabolism and salt are removed from the blood. In addition, the kidney have functions as a size-selective filter that retains molecules above -50 kDa in blood. Nephrotic syndrome comprise symptoms of proteina, hypoalbuminemia, and edema, which are caused by the disruption of kidney induced for some reasons. The mechanisms of nephrotic syndrome are still unclear, although the immune system might be involved in present symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.
Recent studies demonstrated that the Rituximab (anti-human CD20 antibody) is a highly effective treatment for nephrotic syndrome. CD20 is widely expressed on B cells. Therefore, B cells might be involved in present symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.
We want to clarify the involvement of B cells on nephrotic syndrome, through the immune monitoring for pediatric patients with nephrotic syndrome who treat with the rituximab.
We are studying this research project in collaboration with Dr. Seiji Tanaka, Department of Pediatrics and child health, Kurume University school of Medicine. In addition, this research project is supported by a Grant-in Aid for Scientific Research (C).




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